Central African : Cédric Ouanekponé receives the 2019 World Youth Humanism Award.

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From his full name, Cédric Patrick Le Grand Ouanekponé, the Central African candidate has just been awarded the World Prize for youth Humanism.

Born in the night of March 8th, 1986 in the third district of Bangui, from a teaching father and a housewife mother. He is from a modest family, and has certain set of qualities, including that of being a hard worker. His curriculum however, would already make many seniors dizzy.

Unfolding in Macedonia

The Youth Humanism Prize is being held in Ohrid, Macedonia. Indeed, the city of Ohrid is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has historic buildings, including a former university, which had a role in world “Humanism” in medieval times.

This award was created by Frederic Fappani von Lothringen. He created this as part of his tenure as International President within the national non-governmental youth think tanks in 2017.

This “Youth” prize is based on a previous prize. Indeed, it is the writer, playwright and Macedonian poet, Jordan Plevneš who created in 2007, the world price of Humanism.

This prize is given to outstanding people, “that we can notice”, on the question of Humanism. That is to say people whose creative activity promotes the principles of humanism, love and fraternity among all the nations of the world

The youth prize is for a young man or woman aged 16 to 35 years. It takes place at the same time as the general price. This category aims to mark and encourage the younger generation committed to the humanist issue, not reduced to the question of human rights.

Cédric Patrick Grand Ouanekponé should therefore go on site between January 16 and 20, 2019, if his activities and conditions permit.

How did this choice of candidates take place?

For more than one year from the end of October 2017 to October 2018, it was possible for any person or group of people to propose a candidate.

After evaluation in the secretariat the candidatures for the world prize of the Humanism of the youth for the year 2018 had finally been stopped. Only four candidates were selected then after examination on documents, it remained only three candidates.

Koffi AdatéviTouglo, founding President of the JAT association. (Togo), SaiduEnagi, Economist. (Nigeria) and Cedric Patrick Le Grand Ouanekponé, Medical Doctor. (Central African Republic)

In addition to the nomination of Cédric Patrick Le Grand Ouanekponé, the jury congratulated the two other candidates who have exceptional courses:

M.Touglo, who has a remarkable background in the associative world, his daily involvement and the influence of his activities among all, is no doubt.

– Mr. Enagi, who by his work in economics and his proposals tries to influence the world and bring meaning often new to current issues

Frederic Fappani von Lothringen, President of the Jury, said “I congratulate Mr. Cédric Ouanekponé for his prize. To have to decide between beings invested in such a way with such qualities is not simple and yet we had to do it, but in reality, these young women and young men contribute to the radiance of Humanity there theirs, but also ours!

The jury consisted of

  • Jordan Plevneš – Writer, playwright and Macedonian poet
  • Jean-Patrick Connerade – Emeritus Professor of Physics at Imperial College London, Honorary Professor at East China University in Shanghai, and Visiting Researcher at the WIPM Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • Frederic Fappani von Lothringen – International President of the NGO CNRJ
  • Audrey Gautier – International Secretary of the NGO CNRJ
  • Eric Coudert – Producer of youth content Radio QFDM
  • Matthias Vazquez – President Friendship France-Macedonia




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