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First publication : 30/12/2015


Often, I wrote about the state of the world, the Human State and any individual country, but I never ever had to write about… Paris.

The Human State

Paris, home to the international headquarters of the NGO CNRJ, which I chair and which, many times, sent me to remote areas and to the theaters of many misfortunes, becomes itself the theater of horror. With such gruesome killings in Paris, this is also clearly a way of life (café, culture, etc.) that they want to kill.

Paris is the place of confrontation of what I often called in my books “the Dark side” and “the Light side” which we are all the bearer. This confrontation is also in ourselves.

Obviously the Dark side is first embodied in terrorists, but the trap is set. Because it (the Dark side) feeds on war, conflict, lack of self-love that makes us hate others and conflict separation of each other. The temptations will be numerous.

Often, I wrote about the Dark side of humanity, but also about its Light, because in Paris, as in the distance, I have hope.

Side of Darkness and Light

Indeed, I am among those who believe in the advent of a new humanity that will massively succeed in getting on the path of selfknowledge and who will be in selfrealisation. For now I readily acknowledge that statistically, this humanity is not triumphant.

The visits of refugee camps, in war and/or disease zones often come to my mind. This Human State collapsed, in despair, only believing in evil, ills, conflicts and wars.

“My” trips also remind me of hope and the greatness of a few men I have met. I know they exist, hopefully, also in France, also in Paris.

Often, I spoke of youth and the fact that it went through many misfortunes and lack of self-appreciation that makes it want to hurt itself and others.

The youth

Here we are with the attacks in Paris, once again at the heart of the triptych Human State, of the confrontation between the side of Shadow and Light and, where the victim and the executioner are mainly young people.

And now with the attacks, youth is still paying the price: one that suffered, one that weeps, one that perpetrates… from my standpoint, I can’t not see.

The youth is the future and to a present it is not “the dark side”, “the evil”, “the part of humanity that we must forget.”

There is here an opportunity for action, that is more than ever urgent for France and even more so for the World!

Protect ourselves to avoid too much damage in case it happens again, take into account individual and collective pain, and work on ourselves to grow that light and decrease this darkness side so we do not neither collectively nor individually sink, is I think a possible pathway for us.

So there is a way in which we can achieve our individual and collective identity, our advent as Man (Woman). And Paris has precisely this historical vocation of elevating human beings.

Let’s show to ourselves and others, that we believe in life, in the goodness of the world, in ourselves the human kind, in our lifestyles attached to the full development of humanity (culture, debates, cafés, outings, etc.) and “Paris will always be Paris!”

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