International : The destabilization of the world order and the advent of Humanity

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We can all see that war, destabilization , crises , conflicts, the symbolic collapse of the world etc, has occupied the heart of humanity. Either you look at it and say that everything is definitely wrong or bad and we do nothing either seeking to understand to give meaning to what we are going through. And why not then maybe we do not consider some new tracks released in the current mass media ? And even better for the more daring begin to act on these tracks ?

The major event that is taking place in the world of humanity is the revelation that a process nestled in the heart of every man and the heart of humanity is underway. Indeed, there is a project for everyone but for humanity as a whole in the very heart of our beings.

So it is increasingly clear to people more and more , that humanity is not only transforming itself ( although it may look a bit like that) but will go to that extent, it should be even more befallen. So to say, if there is transformation of mankind is to become really itself and not something else that is hurts and destabilizing. The time of great global household and the advent of man rang.
This process was often described by the authors in the heart of the history of humanity but it is certainly the first time so to speak, it is also ” chatty ” in people ears. Besides being influenced by this phenomenon , everyone will have to work on it and humanity as a whole will have a lot of work and so for the first time in its history it will have to go the ways of destiny both individually and collectively. Faced with this revelation and the old as humanity tries to resist this revelation.

Therefore , while a beautiful advent of man is terrified over some prey on their relatives and even go so far as to attacks or start wars. Virtually beauty , happiness, which is happening to conflict with the reality around us ! Do not think that only the elites who struggle and who will fight against the movement of the release of this advent of man. There is also the billions of men and women in the high values of these and which are transmitted over the centuries who refuse to listen to the processes at work in themselves , which resisting and will resist most often in compelling them to do nothing, and sometimes taking words or destructive positions or outright taking up arms.

For example , holding the ideologies , religions, economic or societal models , theorists of man and his activities that have developed a relationship with the world (theories , writings, activities, practices etc.) far removed from the process at work are exceeded. They will certainly be forced to run more and more behind this process at work and eventually disappear. Making the choice to fight against self-realization (eg, having nothing to do everything) , both individually and collectively , is to make the misery for oneself and for others. This is the choice made for the moment the vast majority of people.

So even though a beautiful and bright adventure occurs most that terrified humanity and make them unable to believe that it can exist. Man is in folds, in fear, anxiety, depression, depreciation or ideological delusions, scientists or religious speech that has the appearance of reason.Pushing to do anything and not to participate in anything and believe in nothing and attack or disparage the ideas that speak of life and the existance of man. One can not remain unconscious that this assumption existed in mankind.

At best , we can tell you that you have decided not to think about it or you have rejected but also the process of life at work in humanity with it. As well as throwing the baby is said with the bath water. Indeed, it is possible to choose chaos , sorrow and struggle against this advent of Man ( Finally, against his own and that of others) but it’s still sad. This is a trend that is emerging. Our old world will continue to be shaken from all sides, our old humanity will continue to slowly die and the new world with its new humanity will emerge. Unfortunately the case is going to be important pending greatest achievement.

However, one thing can limit the damage and extensive damage , as more and more men and women seek in themselves the processes at work and change their lives and therefore an ever-growing humanity yields its true coming. This is no more unrealistic to believe that humanity made ​​that choice rather than believe that the world will continue to be guided individually and collectively , for the only feelings , the only reason , doctrine or religion , unbalancing beings and fighting against their real advents. So I ask the epistemological rupture of Humanity, destabilizing the world order are only the prelude to the coming of a new man, born in 21st century is no longer a myth.

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