International : Creation of the world prize for humanism of youth.

Prix mondial de l'Humanisme Jeunesse - ONG CNRJ - 2018
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 Birth of the world prize for Humanism of youth

This prize is inspired by a precedent one. Indeed, it is the writer, playwright and Macedonian poet, Jordan Plevneš who created in 2007, the world price of Humanism.

This world prize of Humanism is award each year in Ohrid. It is given to remarkable people, “that we can notice”, on the question of Humanism.

It is people whose creative activity are  promotes the principles of humanism, love and fraternity among all the nations of the world.

The youth prize is necessarily for a young person from 16 to 30 years old. It takes place at the same time as the general price.

 The framework of the world prize for Humanism of youth


This category  was created in 2018 when Frederic Fappani von Lohthringen came in Macedonia. It was discussed with  Jordan Plevneš and the mayor of Ohrid.

That is why the event was hosted in municipal building. In fact Ohrid is one of city written as the wolrd heritage of UNESCO. This city as some historical building as well a old university. This university  was playing a rôle in world « Humanisme » at medieval time.

This category aims to mark and encourage the young generation committed to the Humanist question, not reduced to the question of human rights.

A worldwide tracking network

Applications are submitted by networks of members of the CNRJ office, the closest to the candidate’s home.  The application is made on proposals but a candidate can propose himself.  The proposal is made by :

  • a document establishing the candidate’s civil status and a copy of his identity document,
  • a letter proposing his candidacy and explaining the most striking elements leading to think that the candidate “is remarkable for his humanism”
  • copy of diploma
  • Letters from people testifying to the morality and remarkable acts of the candidate
  • General advise of the local CNRJ.

Candidacy are sending from January 1stuntil October 1stfor the price of the next year to      

ONG CNRJ « Prix Mondial de l’Humanisme de la Jeunesse »

66 avenue des Champs-Élysées

75008 Paris   FRANCE

or by mail


The composition of the jury for the world prize for humanism of youth

The jury is composed by :

  1. Jordan Plevneš  –  writer, playwright and Macedonian poet
  2. Jean-Patrick Connerade – Physics Skilled PhD at Royal College of London. Emerytus PhD at the East China University of Shanghai and permanent invited researcher the WIPM laboratory  at the Chinese academy of sciences.
  3. Frederic Fappani von Lothringen – International president at NGO CNRJ
  4. Audrey Gautier – International secretary at NGO CNRJ
  5. world prize for humanism of youth from the last year or his/her representative


The General Secretariat is established in Paris. The award ceremony takes place in Ohrid, Macedonia.

The candidate is invited by the organization over several days to Ohrid.

(En français ici – French version here)

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